St.Paul's Church, NGO-A-Colony

St.Paul’s Church, NGO-A-Colony

Jawahar Nagar Pastorate under the Pastoral and Administrative Jurisdiction of the Tirunelveli Diocese of the Church of South India came into being in the year 1984.  Before that NGO A, NGO B Colony, Seydunganallur, Anaiyarkulam and Parpanathapuram congregation were the part of Kulavanigarpuram Pastorate of the erstwhile Tirunelveli Diocese.  In the year 2001, NGO B Colony was bifurcated into a separate Pastorate and in the year 2010, both the Anaiyarkulam and Parpanathapuram congregations which were functioning under Jawahar Nagar Pastorate were amalgamated into the newly formed Pothigai Nagar Pastorate. Seydunganallur was already amalgamated into newly formed Tuticorin Nazareth Diocese (2003).

 Presently the NGO A Colony St. Paul’s Church congregation remains as a separate Pastorate under the old name Jawahar Nagar Pastorate, careering to the needs of 334 families.  Prominent among the Christian Families are New Gazetted officers retired and some in active services.  Thus the Church is growing.  As Jabez prayed in I Chronicles 4:10 “… Bless me, God, and give me much land.  Be with me and keep me from anything evil that might Cause me pain And God gave him what he prayed”.  Let us pray fervently and to grow and increase.

The Church

  • Foundation Stone for the Old Chuch (Parsonage place) laid on 01:04:1968
  • Dedication of the Church by the Bishop Rt. Rev. A.G. Jebaraj, on 04:07:1968
  • Foundation Stone for the New Chuch (Present place) laid on 25:01:1969
  • Dedication of the New Chuch by Rev. S.T. Paul Ganaiah, Moderator’s Commisary on 22:12:1974
  • Foundation Stone for the Chuch Extension and Tower laid by the Bishop Jasan S. Dhamaraj, on 22:02:1998
  • Dedication of the Chuch Extension and Tower by the Bishop S. Jeyapaul David on 25:01:2001

The Parsonage

The Parsonage was dedicated by the Bishop Rt. Rev. Jasan Dharmaraj on 26.10.1985.