The Church Witnessing as a with Community of Communities

Jawahar Nagar Pastorate through its innovative methods locally and through the well organised mission program of the Diocese, is fulfilling the task of Evangelism, and mission without any deviation.  The Evangelistic reach out, and systematic mission programme such as Asanam and field visits in religious pluralistic context.  The IMS mission support sales program, week of witness and special visits to other mission fields were attended well by the members of the congregation and they were also benefited spiritually.

The pastorate sent a missionary to the Vagaikulam area villages (next to Sankaran Koil) for the spread of the Jesus’ gospel. The missionaries who worked in this mission field,

  1. Selwyn
  2. G. Visuvasam
  3. G. Deva Sahayam
  4. Jebaraj
  5. Danielraj
  6. Israel
  7. J. Stephen Raj
  8. Solomon Gnani (now working)