Secretaries and Treasurers

Mr. H.B. Thomas Mrs. Light Savrimuthu1984 – 1987
Mr. H.B. ThomasMr. S. Rathinasamy1987 – 1990
Mr. M.D. ThomasMr. S. Rathinasamy1990 – 1991
Mr. S. Alfred DhiraviyamMr. Gabriel Johnson1991 – 1995
Mr. J. PaulrajMr. Jeba Chandran1995 – 1998
Mr. J. PaulrajMr. Immanuel Roy1998 – 1999
Mr. Victor ThanarajMr. R. Rajan Premkumar1999 – 2002
Mr. Chelladurai PandianMr. R. Rajan Premkumar2002 – 2003
Mr. G. JeyarajMr. D. Samraj2003 – 2007
Mr. K.J. PonnaiahMr. G. Henry Raja2007 – 2011
Mr. K.J. PonnaiahMr. G. Henry Raja2011


Fellowships Activities

 St. Paul’s fellowships are active in all the Chuch activities like church services, social service like sick visit, helping the needy, encouraging the high scored students, participating in grieved situations and all support in all programs in & outside the church.